EVENTS 2017-2018

Yoga Therapeutics – @ Flowing Yoga Leuven

WORKSHOP 1: Yoga Therapeutics – Head, Neck, Shoulders, Upper Back
September 16, 2017

This workshop addresses common –  and some less common –  physical issues related to the upper-body – such as head, neck, shoulders, and wrists. Yoga techniques will be introduced using props and posture to alleviate tension and stress. Headaches, neck and shoulder pain and tension will be addressed, as well as jaw joint disorders, curving in the upper spine, shoulder injuries and wrist pain. 

WORKSHOP 2: Yoga Therapeutics – Lower Back, Pelvis
October 7, 2017

Lifetime prevalence of back pain is estimated to be 60 – 70% of the population in industrialized countries. Back pain is currently the leading cause of activity limitation and work absence throughout much of the world. Yoga therapy has shown to improve back pain, stabilizing, strengthening and balancing the musculature of the back, and may be more effective and longer-lasting than medical treatment.

This workshop will cover common disorders and their treatments for different kinds of back pain, exercises for flexibility and strength, will be given for upper, mid, and lower back, as well as pelvis and hips. Scoliosis, lordosis, kyposis, sciatica, hip replacements and stability will be addressed. This workshop is also suitable for individuals interested in back pain prevention. Particularly helpful for people who both have desk jobs, and who do heavy labor and/or repetitive tasks.

WORKSHOP 3:  Yoga Therapeutics – Depression, anxiety, energetic and emotional imbalance, the Chakra System, and the origins of pain
November 18, 2017

This lecture-style workshop will include exercises for personal inquiry, pranayama, and introductory meditations to help us understand our relationship to the psyche and spirit.  Tools for dealing with, and understanding, physical pain, depression and anxiety will be given, along with the yogic understanding of the emotional/energetic body, termed the “subtle” body (thus the Chakra system).

Emotional and Energetic Alignment – Yoga Psychology and The Origins of Pain with Katherine @ Yoga-On-Call

zondag 15 oktober van 10.00-16.30 uur
  • What is consciousness according to Eastern and Western philosophy?
  • How are these theories on consciousness used to help align and anchor us energetically and emotionally to our centers?
  • What practices can we use from both traditions that help us to know ourselves better, and predict and understand our own behavior?

This workshop brings together the philosophies of East and West on psychology and psychoanalysis (or self-inquiry, also in yoga known as: Svadyaya). Eastern philosophy heavily emphasizes the energetic system (sukshma sharira), and seeks to use physical practices and meditations to move and balance energies to create health in an organism. What doesn’t move- dies, in the Eastern point of view. This workshop covers topics such as how we can work with energy to move through pain and emotion, what causes these imbalances. Practices from yoga, tantric meditation, pranayama (breath control), Somatics and psychotherapeutics are introduced as tools for healing.

This workshop is open to all levels of students, also beginners!

This workshop will be in English, but Katherine also understands Dutch. Questions can therefore be in Dutch.

Starting January 2018 – Living Yoga Advanced Training

In this advanced training we address the deeper layers of the yoga practice. Ancient texts and holy books, contemporary views on psychology and healing, the art of self-development and spiritual research, sequencing and adjustment in the classroom are all covered in this 50 hour training.

Who is this course designed for?

This is not material for beginning students, it is the deepening of knowledge touched upon in 200 hr teacher trainings, as well as techniques and topics essential to the art of understanding and teaching yoga as a complete system. This training will be beneficial to dedicated students with 2+years of consistent dedicated practice, and to yoga teachers with 200hrs + training.

Modules 1-4 are open to yoga students, those teachers who require certification will follow the full course (M 1- 5). You may follow modules individually or in combination!

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